Employee Cyberthreats, Distracted Driving, and New Employee Insights

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The OperationsInc Navigator                                  October 16, 2014
Unhappy & Former Employees May Pose Cyberthreat

According to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, businesses are seeing an increase in “computer network exploitation and disruption” by disgruntled current and former employees. Business News Daily reports that incidents such as employees modifying or restricting access to company websites, disabling key technologies, or stealing proprietary data to get an edge in a new job are losing businesses an estimated $5,000 – $3 million per incident. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security offer tips to prevent these types of breaches, such as conducting regular access reviews, frequently updating passwords, and maintaining daily backups of servers and networks.



Preventing Distracted Driving at Work

Even if driving is not a core job function, most employees will inevitably be behind the wheel for a work related task at some point. According to CBS MoneyWatch, this means that employers need to be concerned about keeping their employees’ eyes on the road. So how can businesses solve the distracted driving problem? MoneyWatch suggests putting formal policies in place to promote safe driving practices, communicating reminders about these policies on a regular basis, and having managers lead by example by not engaging in distracting behaviors while operating a motor vehicle.


Taking Advantage of New Employee Perspectives
According to Fast Company, if you aren’t asking new employees what is wrong with your company, you should be. Fast Company reports that group think can set in for new employees within days of starting a new job, so the window to get their fresh perspective on processes your firm currently has in place is fleeting. So how can you best capture this critical feedback in a short amount of time? Fast Company outlines ways that biotech startup Emerald Therapeutics has captured this data, including asking employees to compete “fresh-eye journals” within weeks of joining their organization.  


Is Your Employee About to Quit?
While there are a few circumstances that can result in an employee leaving their position unexpectedly, Inc. says that there are usually telltale signs that a staffer is about to hand in their resignation. According to Inc., employers should be on the lookout for employees who are suddenly putting in a bare minimum effort, are suddenly disengaged with their coworkers, or are not handling organizational change well, as these are indicators that an employee is about to give their two week’s notice. Inc. also advises leaders be aware of positive life changes that could lead to a valued employee leaving, like an employee earning an advanced degree or certification, or getting engaged or married. Inc. advises company leaders to stay apprised of these types of situations to be better prepared for employees who may be preparing to make a move.

Asking Candidates Why They Left Their Last Job
Resignation Policies

When crafting a policy that addresses Resignations be sure to carefully state your desired outcome vs. any mandates. More specifically – it is okay to require that resignations be communicated in writing as policy. It is not in your best interest, however, to mandate that two weeks notice be provided. While you should certainly suggest / request that no less than two weeks notice is given, mandating this period can undo your “at-will” relationship with the employee, potentially causing many other issues in the process.

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