Best Non-Financial Motivators, 12 Meeting Mistakes, and Obama’s Immigration Plan

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The OperationsInc Navigator                                 December 5, 2014

Motivating Employees Beyond Financial Incentives

According to Inc., financial incentives are far from the only way to attract and retain employees, but how do you know where to start with more creative options, particularly as a small business trying to compete for top talent? Inc. says that offering employees autonomy, fair treatment, recognition, and job security are all non-compensation driven ways to attract, motivate, and retain staffers. The news outlet also outlines ways employers can learn about what motivates current employees and candidates interviewing for roles within the organization.  

12 Meeting Mistakes That Could Stall Productivity

Could two pizzas feed everyone in your meeting? If not, Business Insider says the meeting may have too many attendees. And how many meetings are you having? The problem may not be the number of attendees, but the volume of meetings scheduled. Business Insider shares more ways to make meetings much more productive, including tips from CEO Jeff Bezos and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to help business leaders plan for more effective meetings that will leave teams energized instead of drained.

The Increasing Acceptance of Teleworking

According to, telework is increasingly becoming a reasonable accommodation to ADA policies and laws, showing a shift in thinking towards what qualifies as an essential job function, i.e. presence at work. outlines the evolution of court decisions in favor of teleworking, with a reminder to both employers and employees that these decisions are increasingly flexible in their definition of a reasonable accommodation.  

How Obama’s Immigration Plan Will Affect You As An Employer

According to Inc., the president’s executive order on immigration will affect many small businesses, regardless of who they employ. Inc. outlines several key issues, such as undocumented workers receiving temporary legal status and changes to work visas, that may necessitate changes in how your firm does business.

Asking Candidates What Disappointed Them at Their Last Job


Alcohol at Company Sponsored Events

Every year a growing number of companies find themselves on the wrong end of legal actions stemming from the behavior of their employees following the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages at a company sponsored event. Be it a holiday party or even just a sales meeting, employers must be diligent in controlling alcohol ingestion. To that end the party should have a system whereby a limited number of beverage tickets are issued (2-3) vs. having an open bar. The handbook should specifically address alcohol use when entertaining clients and partners. Lastly some form of policing your fellow employee should also be encouraged.

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