Virtual Teams, Strange Interviews, and Inclement Weather Policies

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The OperationsInc Navigator   January 23, 2015

Getting Your Virtual Team on the Same Time Zone


How can your team work efficiently when scattered across different time zones? Fast Company offers a set of tips to allow virtual teams to work together without keeping team members up at all hours. These suggestions include picking a “home time zone” and skipping video meetings, particularly when one team members will have to be on-line in the early morning or late evening. As Fast Company suggested, setting guidelines for working with a team scattered across several time zones will provide efficiency for the company, and avoid burnout for employees.

The Strangest Things Candidates Have Done in an Interview

Interviewing new candidates for a position can be an exciting yet risky situation, particularly if the candidate across the table asks if liking kids is a necessity to work at a pediatrician’s office. Inc. shares a list of the 15 strangest things candidates have done in an interview, as compiled by a survey of over 2,000 hiring managers. Have you ever had a candidate take a 45 minute bathroom break, or try to Google the answer to a question? If not, your interviews could be better than you thought.


Why Hiring for Attitude is More Important Than Hiring for IQ

According to Entrepreneur, looking to hire the smartest candidate may not always prove to be the decision. Instead, Entrepreneur suggests hiring for attitude, offering four reasons to back up the claim, such as the fact that candidates with a better attitude can contribute to a more positive workplace, and can often make great leaders that can really motivate a team to achieve its goals. 

Interview Question: Going Above and Beyond
HR Pro Tip: Emergency / Inclement Weather Policies

Each year more of our clients have experienced issues pertaining to weather related closures or emergencies, yet a policy and procedure rarely appears in their handbook as to how these events are to be handled. Placing one in your handbook that talks about what your offices practice will be is critical. Establishing a phone extension on your phone system where an updated voicemail can be left for employees to access is a great way to tell employees about closings, late openings, etc. Letting your population know what they are responsible for doing in these situations will provide clarity for all involved.

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