Workplace Stress, Cybersecurity, and The Buddy System

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February 17, 2015
Essentials for a Secure Telecommute

According to Forbes, almost 60% of companies allow workers to telecommute, but much of the work completed by employees outside of the office environment occurs ithout proper security measures in place. Forbes offers 5 essentials for a remote workforce security policy to ensure your telecommuters can work securely without fear of hacking and cyber security threats. Forbes recommends beginning with properly training remote workers, starting with basics such as not opening emails from unknown senders to creating complex passwords. Forbes also suggests having a plan in place if something does go wrong, providing access to the necessary resources (including setting up a VPN), and providing remote workers with company-owned equipment that is pre-set with the necessary security software.

Is Anxiety Costing Your Office More Than Health Care Costs?

According to Bloomberg Business, workplace anxiety contributes to approximately 120,000 deaths each year, along with $190 billion in health-care costs. Additionally, Bloomberg states that a lack of health insurance contributes to 49,000 deaths per year, and low control over workplace demands contributes to 65,000 deaths per year. Bloomberg says that these startling workplace stress-related costs and mortality rates haven risen with the economic uncertainty of the past several years, and encourages companies to take certain measures to reduce deaths and health-care costs, such as avoiding high-pressure environments for workers.

Politely Handling Flu Season in the Office

According to Inc., there is a polite and a not-so-polite way to avoid catching an illness from a co-worker this flu season. Inc. offers some positive and productive suggestions, such as setting office ground rules everyone can get behind. These include asking employees to blow their nose or cough in the hallway instead of at their desks, and encouraging those who are sick to simply stay home.

HR Best Practices Tip: Paid Time Off and PTO Policies
HR Pro Tip: The Buddy System

Integrating a newly hired employee into your organization is a critical process that should be handled thoughtfully and strategically. How will that new hire get up to speed? How fast will their learning curve run? How can you assure that your new hire learns the right information? The best way to address these concerns may lie in the pairing up of new hires with a current employee… at the peer level. Practically speaking, most businesses see this role as that of the manager’s, but all too often the manager is not available enough to nurture, guide, and direct the new hire on the minutia. By selecting a proven peer level resource who demonstrates a solid and consistent knowledge of how things are done as the “buddy” for your new hire you increase your chances of a smooth on-boarding process.

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