The Hiring Funnel, Prep for Onboarding, and FMLA Changes

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March 20, 2015
Building An Effective Hiring Funnel

According to Entrepreneur, the same tools marketers use to build sales funnels should also be applied to building candidate pipelines. Entrepreneur recommends establishing a funnel of increasingly higher intensity steps, starting with having candidates weed themselves out through a unique request in the job listing, such as asking the candidate to include a hobby in their responses. From there, Entrepreneur says to increase the intensity, beginning with phone interviews and moving to several rounds of interviews in order to ask more focused questions than interviewers would have at the beginning of the process, getting at more specifics about how the candidate would handle certain aspects of the job. Lastly, Entrepreneur suggests applying the funnel consistently, saying companies should establish their funnel, and stick to it to better the chances of weeding out weaker candidates.

Beginning the Onboarding Process Long Before You Actually Onboard Your Employees

According to a recent study conducted by Allied HRIQ, approximately 35% of companies spend $0 on the onboarding of new hires. According to Forbes, with all the time and energy spent on finding these new hires, it should follow that companies then work hard to properly train and welcome these new employees in an effort to retain their talent. This is particularly important for start-up companies needing a strong base of employees to grow from. Forbes offers several tips on how to set up an effective onboarding process, starting with creating a schedule and preparing materials for the new hire well before Day 1. Forbes offers a list of mistakes to avoid, including a lack of structure, no focus on culture, and setting expectations that are too high.

Department of Labor Update to the FMLA Expands the Meaning of Family

The Department of Labor recently announced changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act, redefining “spouse” to include those in legal, same-sex marriages. According to Human Resources Executive, the previous definition, which did not include same-sex spouses, meant that these spouses could not utilize FMLA to care for an ill spouse. Now, same-sex couples will have the same rights as heterosexual couples when it comes to FMLA, something Human Resources Executive says creates greater consistency for employers in handling FMLA leave. Human Resources Executive does point out that FMLA benefits must be coordinated with other employee benefits, including medical, stressing the importance of uniformity and clarity in explaining benefits and leave to employees.

HR Best Practices Tip: The Hours Are XX – Any Issues?
HR Pro Tip: Salary Structure Changes

When compensation changes occur, it is important to present this critical information clearly and cohesively. Employees want to know the specifics, even the reasons and in some cases how this is impacting the firm, not just them. You therefore need to be prepared to cover a wide range of questions. Overall, the plan should be to explain at a level with which you are comfortable, provide reasons, be it broad and vague or specific, and then move on. It is important to remember that most if not all of these discussions are for the purpose of sharing news vs. debating or deciding, meaning you need to be prepared to cut off any extended discussions, especially when changing the decision is not an option. 

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