Dress Codes, Pregnant Worker Accommodations, and Vacation Days

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April 10, 2015
Creating a Workplace Dress Code

According to Human Resource Executive Online, employers have a fair amount of leeway when creating and enforcing a dress code in the workplace. In some cases, such as in retail, dress codes are put in place as a means of conveying the company’s brand, says Human Resource Executive Online, while in others, such as the food industry, it could relate to issues of food and workplace safety. Human Resource Executive Online cautions employers to familiarize themselves with state and local laws regarding limitations on dress codes, and to explain the policy to employees before they are hired. 

Supreme Court Ruling Sends Case of Pregnant Worker Back to Lower Court
On March 25th, the Supreme Court ruled that companies who make accommodations for injured workers must also do so for pregnant women. Time reports that the court’s ruling now sends the case back down to a lower court, which will have to decide if UPS was justified in forcing a pregnant employee to take unpaid leave when she requested a lighter workload due to her pregnancy and her doctor’s recommendation. As many states consider increasing the protections afforded to pregnant workers, Time indicates that the lawsuit is part of a larger movement to address pregnancy discrimination. 

Is Mandating Time Off the Way to Go?

According to a recent survey conducted by the travel website Skift, about 42% of American workers said they took only one day off in 2014. Workforce reports that over the last few years some employers have moved in the direction of providing unlimited time off to their employees, but many of the businesses with this type of policy in place found that employees were not using vacation time. Now some organizations are trying a new tactic, mandating workers utilize a minimum amount of paid time off. Workforce says that requiring employees to take time away from work solves a problem sometimes seen with unlimited vacation policies, namely that employees don’t use the days. Workforce reports that workers who utilize PTO days are more productive when in the office, and have a higher overall level of well-being.  

OperationsInc CEO David Lewis on Bloomberg TV: Are Small Firms Neglecting HR?


HR Pro Tip: Talent Retention

As the job market continues to heat up it becomes all the more critical that businesses focus their attention on keeping their talent. Aside from simply paying $1 more than the next company you need to look at work- life balance, flexibility in scheduling, training and development, and ancillary benefits as means to keep the employees you presently possess from leaving. These are a few examples of areas a co. can explore and address that cost little money but go a long way towards retaining talent.

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