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July 17, 2015
DOL Releases Guidelines on Independent Contractor Classifications
The Department of Labor released new guidelines Wednesday in its first ever Administrator’s Interpretation as it pertains to the FLSA. Human Resources Executive Online reports that the guide, released by the Wage & Hour Division (WHD), outlines six factors to help businesses determine who should be classified as an employee vs. an independent contractor. The WHD says a key factor in this important classification is whether the individual is financially dependent on the company, or if they are truly operating as an independent business unit.

Millennials on the Rise
Pew Research announced that by the end of this year, Millennials will become the most represented generation in the US workforce. CNBC reports that this change in population can mean changes to the traditional American workplace. Some of these changes could include an increased adoption of flexible work arrangements, flatter organizations, as well as increased weight being placed on employee growth and development.

Here’s How Businesses Lose Top Talent
An organization’s top performers are usually the employees most dedicated to the business. But according to Inc., there are some easy ways to lose to lose this top talent. Negative work environments, poor work-life balance, and unsupportive upper management are all contributors to businesses losing key members of their team. 

Recent Court Ruling Defines Intern Classifications

The Second Circuit Court recently sided with Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. in its case against the DOL regarding unpaid interns. The DOL’s lawsuit claimed that Fox Searchlight and Fox Entertainment Group had violated the FLSA and NYLL by failing to pay a number of interns as required by minimum wage and overtime provisions. 

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Reader Question: Excessive Turnover
HR Pro Tip: 
Summer Dress Codes


As the trees and flowers bloom and become more robust, the clothing our employees wear to work seems to become less- and more risqué. This is also the time when employees begin to ask for time off for summer vacations, or if there will be any shortened workweeks. Before it becomes an issue, it is time to put a dress code in place for the summer. Many businesses establish a different set of rules for summer dress designed to allow employees to be a little more casual. Putting a policy out there that talks more about the don’ts and a bit about the do’s will help avert a landslide of potential issues in the coming months. 
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