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October 2, 2015

DOL Finds Halliburton Misclassified Workers, to Pay $18.3M in Overtime Wages 

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has reached a settlement in its nationwide investigation into oil industry pay practices. Reuters reports that Halliburton will pay $18.3M in back wages to the 1,016 employees it improperly classified as exempt workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These workers were spread through 28 job categories. In a statement by the DOL, a department official stated “Ignorance is never an excuse for violating the law.”

New Benefit Trend: Student Loan Assistance

Iontuition recently conducted a survey that shows many recent college graduates would prefer student loan management assistance over a traditional benefits package. Bloomberg reports that of the 1,000 surveyed, 55% said they would value employer-sponsored student loan repayment programs more than health insurance, and 49% say they would prefer student loan assistance over a 401(k) plan. With an increasing number of graduates entering the workforce with significant debt, Bloomberg suggests that business seeking to hire recent graduates consider student loan management to attract this crop of talent.


Survey Says Employers Expecting More and More from Entry-Level Hires 

A recent study conducted by Harris Poll shows that entry-level hires are under more pressure than ever to hit the ground running in their new jobs. Fast Company says that 78% of employers determine in less than 90 days whether a new entry-level hire will be successful. According to the report, employers raising their expectations can be attributed to an increased presence of data-driven workplaces, as well as the increased level of flexibility and benefits offered to entry-level employees causing employers to “expect a higher output” in return.


Trained Employees = Engaged Employees 

More and more studies report the low levels of engagement among American workers, but how can employers reengage their teams? According to Fox Business, offering employee training is a “huge signal for employees to know their employers cares about them” and wants them to grow and advance within the business. Fox Business also says simple steps like recognizing good work and making an effort to get to know employees can go far to increase levels of engagement. 


HR Best Practices Video: Visitors in the Workplace
CT: New Wage Violations Law

Effective yesterday, October 1, 2015, a new statute, Public Act 15-86, will require Connecticut Courts to awards double damages if an employer is found guilty of failure to pay wages (including minimum wage and overtime owed), accrued benefits, or arbitration awards. 

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