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April 29, 2016

MSNBC Your Business: Managing the Discussion on National Politics in Your Office


Managing Millennials

Millennials have gained a reputation as a generation of job hoppers, and rightfully so according a recent survey conducted by Deloitte. According to Bloomberg News, over 64 percent of millennials surveyed indicated that they plan to leave their current organization within the next five years, which is problematic considering this group will make up over 75 percent of the workforce by 2025. Bloomberg offers four tips for retaining this demographic, all tied to nurturing career development. 63 percent of millennials surveyed reported that they felt their leadership skills were not being developed, and an additional 68 percent said they would stay with an organization longer than five years if “young employees are actively encouraged to aim for leadership roles”.


The Zika Virus and Your Employees
Threat of the Zika Virus continues to grow in the U.S. and abroad, leaving many businesses wondering if they should restrict travel and how best protect their employees. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released a list of guidelines to help businesses best navigate the issues that have risen from the virus outbreak. SHRM advises business not to forbid business travel by women to affected areas, and to avoid requiring those already in affected areas to relocate. SHRM also reminds businesses that under the Occupational Safety and Health Act, “employees may refuse to work when there is a reasonable belief that there is imminent death or serious injury”. 


Managers Tend to Hire Employees Similar to Themselves – To Their Detriment

According to research conducted by the Addison Leadership Group, hiring managers tend to hire individuals similar to themselves. Business Insider reports that this common hiring mistake results in a lack in skill set diversity, and causes situations where individuals with similar strengths end up “stepping on each other’s toes”. Business Insider recommends hiring groups whose skill sets and weaknesses compliment one another.

New Overtime Rules May Come Sooner Than Expected
The new overtime rules proposed by the Department of Labor under the Fair Labor Standards Act may be finalized as early as May of this year, and could go into effect as soon as 60 days thereafter. The new overtime rules categorize employees as either “standard” or “highly compensated”. In order to be classified as an exempt employee, standard employees must be paid a salary of $50,440 per year, and highly compensated employees, or HCEs, must be paid a salary of $122,148 per year. In preparation, employers should review their current population and salary levels.


AllCountyJobs.com Network Offers Free Intern Postings
Regional job board network AllCountyJobs.com has announced that they will be offering free postings on their job boards for any Internship postings in the area. The initiative is geared to matching college students with educational and learning opportunities at area businesses.  Employers who are looking to fill intern openings within their organizations can click the button below to post these positions free of charge. The promotion will run through May 1st. 


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