Workplace Volatility, Uber Harassment Problems, and more


52% of US Employers Say Workplace More Volatile Since Election

Data collected from both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) indicates a rise in discrimination and workplace volatility tied to the divisive 2016 election. The Boston Globe reports that while reported incidents of discrimination based on religion, race, and national original had been on the decline each year since 2011, EEOC and SHRM survey data show a 2016 bump in occurrence. The Globe further reports that “companies are acutely aware that they might face complaints”, which has prompted businesses to pay much closer attention to their company policies.

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9th Circuit Says No to Hugging Employees

In a decision announced last week by the U.S. 9th Circuit of Appeals, hugging both male and female employees “can create an abusive work environment”. The LA Times reports that the complaintant in the case was a female correctional officer who was routinely hugged by the county sheriff, making it “hard for her to concentrate” and to suffer in other areas of her work. The lawsuit was originally dismissed by a federal district judge in 2014.

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Experts Warn Employers to Stay “Nimble” as State Marijuana Laws Evolve

Employment lawyers are warning employers to stay “nimble” as they try to navigate the changes to marijuana laws at the state level. Bloomberg BNA reports that the “complex web of legislation is only getting more challenging for multistate employers” or those who closely border a state where recreational marijuana use has been decriminalized, and federal law changes remain especially unclear under the new White House administration.

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Uber Under Intense Scrutiny for Ignoring Harassment Claims, Aggressive Culture

Ride sharing app Uber continues to make headlines after a female engineer released details about the company’s human resources department ignoring her reports of rampant sexual harassment. The New York Times reports that Uber’s HR team ignored reports of managers harassing employees because the harassers were “high performers”, and that the tech giant fostered a workplace climate of aggression. Uber has since tapped its board of directors to launch an internal investigation into the harassment claims, as well as to review the Uber internal HR team.

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NY Regulation Regarding Wage Payments Revoked

New York regulations that were set to go into effect next week have been revoked by the New York State Industrial Board of Appeals (IBA). The new regulations would have required employers to provide employees with a written description of options for receiving pay, including direct deposit and payroll cards.

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