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Public Attention Towards Workplace Harassment at “Tipping Point”

Experts from the National Women’s Law Center say that media coverage of recent high profile sexual harassment cases have brought awareness of workplace harassment to an all time high. CBS News reports that while just 37 percent of victims report harassment to a supervisor, more than 36,000 American workers have filed federal workplace harassment complaints in the last three years, resulting in $110M in settlements. CBS News says heightened workplace harassment awareness is expected to increase the number of reported incidents.

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Layoffs Increase Likelihood of Future Job Hopping

A recent study conducted by Cornell’s School of International Labor Relations found that individuals who have been laid off from a position are “65 percent more likely to quit subsequent jobs”. Bloomberg BNA reports that those who have experienced a layoff are more “vigilant” about pursuing job opportunities, and pay closer attention to to job market, which contribute to job hopping behaviors.

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Considering a remote Work Policy? Consider This.

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The Newest Workplace Perk? Social Justice PTO.

An increasing number of companies are offering paid time off for employees to “protest, vote, and participate in marches”. Business Insider reports that “companies may be getting more socially conscious in response to their employees’ desire for personal expression”. Business Insider says that millennials are particularly likely to be attracted to this type of perk.

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NYC Prohibits Employers from Requesting Applicant Compensation History

The New York City Council recently approved a bill prohibiting city employers from requesting or seeking a job applicant’s compensation history. Polling former employers and searching public records for salary history will now be considered unlawful and discriminatory practices. The law will continue to allow employers to discuss a candidate’s salary expectations, as well as allow employers to use salary history as a benchmark if this information is voluntarily shared by the candidate.

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FLSA Overtime Regulations Appeal Delayed to Later This Year

The US Department of Labor (DOL) has requested a third extension from the Fifth Court of Appeals “to allow incoming leadership personnel adequate time to consider the issues” surrounding the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) new Overtime Rule. This refers to the changes to the exempt employee salary thresholds that were put on hold in November 2016.

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