Midyear Handbook Reviews, Reasons Your Employees are Leaving, and more

Does Your Handbook Need a Midyear Review?

As new workplace laws roll out, experts in the employment law space note that these effective dates do not always align with the start of a calendar year. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has outlined some key guidelines tied to midyear handbook reviews, and also warns employers be mindful of “significant changes to the laws that affect a particular employer’s workforce”. SHRM also says that employers should complete a handbook review annually at a minimum.

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25 Reasons Your Employees Are Leaving

Inc. Magazine recently released their list of the top “25 Reasons Your Best Employees Are Jumping Ship”. The list includes more obvious drivers like lack of career progression or inadequate benefit packages, but lack of opportunities to use skills, boredom, and lack of training and development programs also made the list.

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33% of Companies Struggled to Fill Open Roles Last Month

A recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) found that “as workers have gotten more confident about quitting, employers report having a tougher time recruiting them”. The NFIB survey also found that a third of companies surveyed said that they had trouble filling their open positions last month. CNBC reports that these companies also say that they “plan to boost wages to fill new openings and hang onto the workers already on payroll”.

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EEOC “Reaffirms Commitment to Fighting Ageism, Discrimination”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released its most current EEOC Digest, which includes a listing of recent EEOC decisions. The director of the EEOC’s Office of Federal Operations also released a statement declaring the agency’s continued commitment to “protecting the rights of older workers”, especially as more baby boomers delay retirement.

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NYC Employers to Be Banned from Inquiring About Salary History

In an effort to address the gender wage gap, effective October 31st of this year NYC employers will no longer lawfully be able to ask candidates about their salary history, and instead will be required to “set a pay level that fits the job”.

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sexual harassment

Public Attention towards Workplace Harassment at “Tipping Point”

Experts from the National Women’s Law Center say that media coverage of recent high profile sexual harassment cases have brought awareness of workplace harassment to an all time high, which is a key driver in their projection that harassment claims will rise through the end of this year.

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