Millennial Workers and Company Policy, FLSA Overtime Rule, and more

Company Policies And Procedures

Study Finds Millennial Workers are Twice as Likely to Violate Company Policies

A recent survey conducted by the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation is resulting in more bad press for millennials. Human Resources Executive Online reports that the survey found millennials to be more comfortable taking credit for a co-worker’s work than other generations, twice as likely to “sabotage” a teammate, and more likely to abuse sick time by taking time off when not really ill.

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Overtime Hard Working Overload Concept

Department of Labor to File “Request for Information” Regarding Overtime Rule

The Department of Labor (DOL) will be seeking opinions regarding the Fair Labor Standard Act’s (FLSA’s) white collar exemptions, which were first introduced under the Obama Administration. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta has indicated that the Request for Information “would solicit feedback from the public on the salary increase issue”, and Acosta has stated publicly that he believes a salary threshold increase is necessary.

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job search

Survey Says Most Workers Plan to Find a New Job

A recent survey conducted by CEB earlier this year found that only 33 percent of workers polled plan to stay with their current employer. The Advocate reports with the current strength of the job market, many workers can expect a 10 percent increase when changing jobs. Experts say that employers are not adjusting their own compensation strategies accordingly, and may lose top talent if more focus is not spent on working to retain employees.

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Employers Worry Salary History Bans Will Complicate Hiring Process

As more and more cities and states pass or explore legislation banning employers from inquiring about a candidate’s pay history, businesses worry about the impact on the hiring process. Bloomberg BNA reports that while these efforts are put in place to limit pay disparity, experts are split down the middle on whether these methods will be effective in closing the wage gap. Bloomberg BNA also says that businesses will need to re-educate recruiting teams on regulations, train hiring managers, be cautious with background screenings, and consider the implications if they hire in locations where regulations may differ.

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men and women bathroom sign

California: New Transgender Identify Regulations

Several new policies related to transgender identity and expression will go into effect in California on July 1, 2018. Employers will be required to “provide equal access to facilities regardless of the sex of the employee” and employees “must be permitted to use facilities that correspond to the employee’s gender identity or gender expression”.

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