Bystander Intervention, The Year of Employee Experience, and more

Employee Being Victim Of Harassment

Bystander Intervention Touted as Key Driver in Eliminating Workplace Harassment

Experts in workplace harassment and prevention say that bystander intervention is a key driver in reducing incidents of harassment because it “targets the norms around harassment and empowers bystanders to step in when they witness bad behavior”. CNN Money adds that bystander intervention is most likely more effective in changing workplace cultures than “traditional harassment training, which uses videos and puzzles that research shows is focused on companies trying to avoid legal liability in place of effective prevention”.

OperationsInc includes bystander intervention training in all anti-harassment training sessions, and recommends providing training that is interactive and geared towards changing employee attitudes and behaviors, versus only limiting employer liability.

2018 – The Year of The Employee Experience

While companies have spent years focusing on customer experience, experts say that 2018 will be the year of the employee experience (EX). EX has been described as “the sum of everything an employee experiences through his or her connection to the organization”, from the initial touch point when the employee is still a candidate through the end of the employee life cycle.

Forbes cautions employers to recognize that EX is more than offering employee perks and defining an employer branding strategy, and says that EX is most important for organizations that face skills shortages, struggle in the war for talent, and are not able to offer competitive compensation packages.

MSNBC VIDEO: Grow Smart – Hiring for Skills vs. Experience

As “Quits Season” approaches, OperationsInc CEO David Lewis sat back down with MSNBC’s Your Business host JJ Ramberg to discuss why skills may be more important than experience when choosing new hires.

Survey Says 43% of Employees Feel Employer Pressure to Use Cell Phones While Driving

A recent survey conducted by Travelers Insurance has found that work-related pressures play a large part in distracted driving. The Washington Post reports that 43 percent of survey respondents cited “the need to be available at all hours” and not wanting “to upset the boss” as the biggest motivators for participating in work related calls, texts, and emails while behind the wheel.

Travelers Insurance warns that legal action can be taken against an employer should an employee get into an accident while responding to a work related message while driving, and advises companies to lessen risk by having a written policy in place banning this behavior.


ACA Reporting Deadline Extended

The IRS has announced it has extended the deadline to submit Affordable Care Act Forms 1095-B and 1095-C from January 31st to March 2nd, allowing for an automatic extension of 30 days. It should be noted that the deadlines to submit Forms 1094-B and 1094-C have not been extended, and remain February 28, 2018 for paper filing and April 2, 2018 for electronic filing.

The deadline extension has allowed OperationsInc to increase ACA Reporting client capacity for this season. Please contact if you would like to enroll in this service.

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