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Sexual Harassment Prevention & Awareness Training

How to Ensure Your Diversity & Sensitivity Training Doesn’t Backfire

Experts in workplace harassment and prevention say that bystander intervention is a key driver in reducing incidents of harassment because it “targets the norms around harassment and empowers According to recent research conducted by Harvard University, training is likely to fail (or even backfire) when it “relies too much on legalese or paints attendees as the ‘bad guys'”. CNN Money adds that the study found that those who attended training events solely focused on limiting liability reported feelings of defensiveness, frustration, and even anger in post-session interviews.

CNN Money further reports that “training that instead casts attendees in a positive light, showing them the things they can do to prevent harassment, is often more effective”. Focus on bystander intervention training is cited as a key tool in empowering employees to feel like they are “breaking the cycle” to stop inappropriate and damaging behaviors within their own workplace.

OperationsInc includes bystander intervention training in all Anti-Harassment and Diversity & Sensitivity training sessions, and recommends providing training that is interactive and geared towards changing employee attitudes and behaviors, versus only limiting employer liability.

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ICE Workplace Inspections on the Rise – Proper I-9 Form Record Keeping Critical

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced that they plan to increase their frequency of both I-9 Audits and workplace raids this year.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) warns businesses that I-9 violations carry a hefty fine – ranging from $216 to $2,156 per worker. SHRM recommends that organizations review, audit, and assess their I-9 record keeping practices now to minimize the potential for fines and penalties down the line.

If your organization requires assistance auditing or fixing your I-9 records, please contact us at info@OperationsInc.com.

MSNBC VIDEO: Grow Smart – Hiring for Skills vs. Experience

As “Quits Season” approaches, OperationsInc CEO David Lewis sat back down with MSNBC’s Your Business host JJ Ramberg to discuss why skills may be more important than experience when choosing new hires.


Investors Demand Transparency in the #MeToo Era

A recent report released by investment advisory firm Cornerstone Capital has highlighted the growing demand by investors to be provided access to data surrounding sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) within corporations in which they are a stakeholder.

MarketWatch further reports that Cornerstone’s findings come in the wake of several new workplace harassment allegations, including a gender discrimination lawsuit filed against Stamford-based Point72 Asset Management for pay inequities and sexist work environments.

The Cornerstone report warns that SGBV creates risk for businesses and investors by reducing productivity, limiting corporate growth in local communities, and by consumer discontent and boycotts when company response to harassment and violence is inappropriately handled.

The Connecticut State Capitol building

Connecticut’s General Assembly Session – What Can Employers in the State Expect?

With the Connecticut General Assembly back in session, the employment law arm of Pullman & Comley has released the list of legislation they have identified as on the Labor and Public Employees Committee’s radar for revisions and changes. Some of those identified include minimum wage, restrictions to employer inquiries tied to applicant salary history, gender pay equality, and changes to sexual harassment training requirements.


OperationsInc ACA Reporting Services Still Open – Limited Space Remaining

The IRS deadline extension announced earlier this year has allowed OperationsInc to increase its ACA Reporting client capacity for this season. However, deadlines are quickly approaching and only a few spots remain.

Please contact info@OperationsInc.com if you would like to enroll in this service.

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