70% of Remote Employees Feel Left Out, Student Loan Repayment Benefits, and More

Survey Says 70% of Remote Employees Feel Left Out at Work

A recent study conducted by HR tech firm Igloo found that 70 percent of remote workers feel excluded by their colleagues, managers, and overall workplace. Small Biz Trends reports that more than half of those surveyed miss out on important information that does not get communicated because they are located physically outside of the office. The study further found that lack of access to people or groups is a persistent problem for remote workers.

To view the full article and study results, please click here.

Student Loan Repayment Benefits Gaining Employer Popularity

A recent study conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found that nearly one-third of employers offer or are planning to offer a student loan debt repayment program. Plan Advisor further reports that employee retention and reducing employee stress were the reason for this new focus for employers.

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EEOC Says Harassment Charges Up, Discrimination Down

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released its 2018 numbers tied to discrimination and harassment claims. Human Resources Executive Online reports that while discrimination numbers were down (most likely tied to increased hiring and fewer firings), harassment charges were up 13.6 percent over 2017.

The breakdown of the top discrimination categories were:

  • Retaliation (represented 51.6% of charges filed)
  • Sex (32.3%)
  • Disability (32.2%)
  • Race (32.2%)
  • Age (22.1%)

For more information and full survey results, please click here.

Understanding How to Harness Generation Z’s Unique Skills

AllBusiness has released a list of ways employers can adapt training methods to Generation Z’s work style to benefit both the employees and the company. This includes the implementing skills-oriented training courses as well as conducting interactive group training sessions.

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Westchester County Sick Leave Law

Westchester County, NY’s Earned Sick Leave Law went into effect on April 10, 2019.

This legislation mandates that employers with five or more employees provide qualifying employees with up to 40 hours of paid sick time per year.

Employers with less than five employees are required to pay up to 40 hours of unpaid sick time.

For more information about this requirement, please click here.

New Jersey’s Pre-Tax Transportation Fringe Benefits Requirement

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed legislation requiring employers with 20 or more employees to “offer Transit Benefits to all employees who are not currently covered by a collective bargaining agreement”. The new requirement became effective March 1, 2019, but is “inoperative” until March 1, 2020, meaning fines will not be levied until next year. New Jersey is the first state to set this standard.

For more information on this new requirement, please click here.

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New York State Anti-Harassment Training Requirement

All New York employers are required to provide Anti-Harassment Training to all employees by the newly announced deadline of October 9, 2019

OperationsInc is providing private and public offerings to fulfill this requirement, providing both online and in-person options.


Bilingual Workplace Training Programs

OperationsInc’s bilingual trainers can deliver customized training programs to your Spanish speaking employees.

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