Client Background

13 states across the US
Engaged OperationsInc:

Reductions in Force

OperationsInc Helps Client Conduct a Remote Reduction in Force in Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Mid-sized organization with locations across the U.S. needed to quickly lay off 65
    workers located in 13 states and across four different time zones.
  • The client had a solid HR infrastructure and team in place, but lacked both the
    capacity to manage the volume of work tied to the project and the bandwidth to
    hold simultaneous notification meetings with employees.
  • The client also required additional guidance to ensure they were limiting their liability and exposure as much as possible.
  • The project initiated as an in-person event that had the OI team travelling to the 13 states where meetings were to be held. However, state ordered social distancing
    measures and travel restrictions tied to the COVID-19 outbreak required us to quickly pivot to a forced remote scenario.
  • The client chose OperationsInc as a partner to manage and execute their RIF due to
    our extensive experience successfully managing projects of this nature, the team’s
    depth and bandwidth, and our ability to quickly mobilize and complete the project.
  • OperationsInc completed a thorough review of the client’s downsizing plan, including selection of the roles to be eliminated and determination of selection criteria.
  • We carefully conducted an analysis of those affected to ensure no adverse impact on protected classes and to identify any selections which presented concern and / or potential risk.
  • Operationsinc developed and rolled out logistical plans which could be carried out vritually, and choregraphed and mapped timing, scripts and talking points, and methods of virtual contact. This work included all communication pieces for both displaced and retained employees.
  • Members of the client’s leadership group were paired with OperationsInc consultants who would assist the client teams during notification meetings and RIF-day events for their individual location.
  • The team conducted 65 individual notification meetings which took place via videochat or phone, depending on the employee’s technology setup.
  • Upon completion of the notification meeting, OperationsInc provided the impacted individual with their termination packet, which was customized to meet the compliance standards and final payout requirements of the individual state in which the employee worked.
  • Our team managed all separation agreement tracking and associated follow-ups.
  • OperationsInc also developed the client’s post-RIF communication strategy and corresponding communication pieces to all retained workers.
  • All notification meetings occurred within a five-hour window and without incident.
  • The process was smooth, well-coordinated, and limited the client’s risk and liability.
  • Impacted employees received consistent and complete communication and materials.
  • Though an emotional event for the client’s leadership group, this team was able to focus on organizational continuity due to the full support and guidance provided by OperationsInc.

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