Alert: Planning Ahead for Major Storm

Hurricane Near FloridaOperationsInc ALERT
Possible Major Storm Early Next Week – Planning Ahead for Your Business

With the uncertainty and threat of a possible storm, or even a full blown Hurricane, hitting the NY/CT Metro area as soon as Monday, businesses should have a plan for what to do so as to ensure continuity and a high level of communication. Predictions for the possibility of high winds, rain, flooding and the resulting street and school closures, and power outages = major business disruption.

Here are some recommendations on how to prepare for whatever may come next week, with the goal of keeping your business afloat and your employees as productive as possible:

1. Setup a contingency plan now on the basis that your offices may not have power and/or be accessible. This may include remote workers, redirection of phones, the use of alternative office locations, etc.

2. Keep an eye on your calendar for next week, and note what meetings are scheduled to occur that may be best moved now.

3. Establish several means to communicate with all employees in the event of an office closure, keeping in mind that email could be affected by any power or internet service outages. This includes ensuring that you possess an easily accessible and complete contact list for all employees AND clients/vendors.

4. Where critical onsite coverage is required, make arrangements for hotel rooms for some personnel ASAP so as not to get blocked out.

5. Check in with your IT Support provider to ensure that you are familiar with backup and contingency plans in place, as well as have a clear understanding of all methods for reaching key contacts.

6. Establish a list of possible alternative sites to utilize for internet and power access in the event that your office is dark / inaccessible (e.g. offices of partners, clients, libraries).

7. Given that schools are more likely to close in such conditions, plan for limited attendance / availability from those who have school-age children.

8. Plan for the worst. Sandy knocked power out to many/most areas for 7 or more days. This storm, while not being advertised as likely or comparable, could still have a significant impact.


The team at OperationsInc will be prepared and will maintain a high level of communication during any weather event as conditions allow. Feel free to reach out to us for help. We’re hoping for the best…but planning for the worst.

Stay safe. Thank you.

David Lewis

For further guidance or assistance, please contact your OperationsInc consultant directly or another member of our team at