Buy-In for Employee Wellness Programs


Employee Wellness Programs Work When Leadership Buys In

A recent study conducted by Rand Corp. has found that “at least half of all US employers with at least 50 employees provide some type of wellness program”.

Studies have shown that successfully adopting a culture that promotes health and wellness can help companies reduce health-care costs, cut absentee rates and perhaps attract top talent. One decade-long analysis by the research organization Rand Corp. of a Fortune 100 employer’s wellness program found that the disease management component generated savings of $136 per member every month, driven largely by a 30 percent reduction in employees’ hospital admissions.

While wellness programs and incentives vary, The Washington Post reports that successful programs did have one thing in common – the support of those in leadership roles.

The study further concluded “results seem to depend less on actual program components and more on whether leadership buys into these programs and effectively communicates their support to employees”.

To view the full article and study results, please click here.

The information included in this blog post originally appeared in an article from The Washington Post on November 27, 2018, written by Elizabeth Heubeck.


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