Considerations for the Post-COVID Office

COVID-19 has fundamentally reshaped the way employers and employees work, communicate, and collaborate. In a post-COVID world, hybrid teams consisting of remote and in-office employees will be the norm.

HR will play an important role in defining the formal policies and informal culture of the hybrid workplace. Developing a strategy for the future of work — and the challenges that come with it — is crucial for staying competitive in a rapidly changing business environment.

New workforce challenges you must consider

Work from home arrangements will look quite different during and after the pandemic. Once children fully return to school, travel becomes less risky, and a sense of normalcy returns, employers will have to address many new challenges.

Some of the topics HR will have to consider include:

  • In-office layout for hybrid teams
  • Defining which roles will work remotely, hybrid, or fully in-office
  • Technology and equipment needs and standards for remote workers
  • How to encourage work-life balance
  • Training managers to optimize hybrid teams
  • How to recruit and hire remote and out-of-state talent
  • Complying with regulations in new states and locations
  • Managing employees who can’t or won’t return to the office
  • Promoting corporate culture in a hybrid environment

TIP: Coordinate employee schedules to maximize the time when teams are physically in the office. 

TIP: Set up 90-day post-return-to-office check-ins with employees to understand what’s working and what barriers they may be experiencing.

We can support your return to the office

Now is the best time to get your organization ready for the return to in-person work. That means creating a taskforce and establishing a framework to guide the transition. 

At OperationsInc, our experts are prepared to lead your taskforce in the right direction. We offer the flexibility to meet your organization’s unique needs, whether you’re looking for strategic insights or you need a partner to take care of the technical work.

We can help you with:

  • Employee surveys and communications
  • Manager training
  • Project management
  • Employee handbook updates
  • Payroll and policy changes for new locations
  • Compliance audits and assessments

Working with hundreds of businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with our 20 years of HR and payroll experience, has given us a unique, broad perspective of hybrid team management best practices. Whatever challenges you face, we’re here to help.

TIP: Set your managers up for success by offering training on how to manage and optimize hybrid teams.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support your organization’s transition to a hybrid workforce.