FMLA Coverage

We have an employee seeking time off to care for a grandparent who has a serious health condition. Does FMLA leave cover caregiving for a grandparent?
– Manager, HR – Marketing Firm

grandparentFMLA does not technically cover this type of leave as a grandparent would not qualify as an “immediate family member”. That being said it is the company’s call as to how to treat this request. FMLA as a law is there to protect the employee who needs to take leave from losing their job as a result of the leave. The company may choose in this case to grant the leave as FMLA leave, thereby setting a precedent for future such leave requests. The company could also decide to deny the FMLA leave request but instead offer a Leave of Absence with different terms and conditions than otherwise mandated by FMLA. Overall you should seek professional guidance before proceeding.

David Lewis — AKA Mister HR