Investors Demand Transparency in the #MeToo Era

A recent report released by investment advisory firm Cornerstone Capital has highlighted the growing demand by investors to be provided access to data surrounding sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) within corporations in which they are a stakeholder.

MarketWatch further reports that Cornerstone’s findings come in the wake of several new workplace harassment allegations, including a gender discrimination lawsuit filed against Stamford-based Point72 Asset Management for pay inequities and sexist work environments.

“Investors lack access to data regarding the extent of the problem and do not possess the means to gauge the consequences for stakeholders or investment performance,” the report said. “We believe it is incumbent upon investors to demand greater transparency on issues of SGBV (sexual and gender based violence) related to business activity; to hold companies accountable for reducing SGBV; and to incentivize companies to minimize SGBV.”

The Cornerstone report warns that SGBV creates risk for businesses and investors by reducing productivity, limiting corporate growth in local communities, and by consumer discontent and boycotts when company response to harassment and violence is inappropriately handled.

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