Is a Letter of Resignation Necessary?

Reader Question: Must we secure a letter of resignation from the departing employee?
– Manager, Operations – Retail Services Company

Letter Of ResignationThe best practice would be to create a simple form that has a space for signature, date signed, date of planned last day, place to print their name, and the words “I resign”… and then have all resigning employees complete the form at time of verbal resignation. Consistency is key.

A policy that states the process that is to occur when an employee leaves the company is always a good thing to have in place. The common error – stating that the employee is required to provide no less than two weeks notice to the company. If you are maintaining an “at-will” employment relationship with your employees, as you should, you need to state that you request that all departing employees provide two weeks of notice. Mandate it and you could be compromising your “at- will” relationship.