New York: Minimum Wage and Salary Threshold Increases

On December 31, 2017, both the minimum wage and salary thresholds will increase for exempt employees in New York. The minimum wage increase is part of a “tiered” structure intended to bring the minimum wage up to $15 per hour state-wide, and varies depending on size and location of the employer.  Additionally, the “amounts employers can deduct from employees’ wages” will change:

Along with the increase to the minimum wage, the amounts employers can deduct from employees’ wages for items such as tip credits, uniform allowances and meals is also set to change on December 31.  The Department of Labor has summarized the revisions applicable to hospitality employers, employers in “miscellaneous industries,” and employers in the “building service industry”.  Employers should consult these summaries to determine how much they can deduct for a uniform allowance and claim as a meal, lodging and tip credits.

The salary threshold for employers with 11 or more employees in NYC will be $975 per week, while the salary threshold for the rest of the state, regardless of size, will be $780.

For a complete list of minimum wage changes and salary thresholds, please click here.