New York Paid Family Leave Update

The New York Workers’ Compensation Board has released forms in advance of the state’s Paid Family Leave Law taking effect on January 1, 2018. When an employee wishes to request paid family leave, employers should provide the necessary forms and guidance on how to submit the information.

From JDSupra:

When the need for PFL arises, employers should direct employees to the appropriate forms, based on each employee’s reason for leave: Form PFL-2 is to be used when PFL is sought for child bonding; Forms PFL-3 and PFL-4 (which are combined as a single document on the Board’s website) are to be used when PFL is sought to care for a family member with a serious health condition; and Form PFL-5 is to be used when PFL is sought due a family member’s active military duty or impending active duty abroad. Additionally, regardless of the reason for PFL, each employee who applies for PFL benefits must complete Form PFL-1, which the Board has included within each of the .pdf files accessed through the links above. Employers must complete “Part B” of Form PFL-1.

While employers and insurance carriers can provide their own forms, “whatever the process, the completed forms must contain the same information”.

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