NYC Releases Lactation Room Policy Models

A recent amendment to the New York City Human Rights Law states that “covered employers must now develop and implement a written policy regarding the provision of a lactation room, to be distributed to all new employees upon hire.”

The policy “must include a statement that employees have the right to request a lactation room, as well as identify a process by which employees can make such a request.”

As outlined by JD Supra, the following policies are available for download:

  • “A policy for workplaces with dedicated lactation room(s);
  • A policy for workplaces with dedicated lactation room(s); and
  • A policy for workplaces with no available space for a lactation room.

Employers are encouraged to review model policies and use the model request form available to them as outlined on the newly launched Lactation Accommodations website to ensure compliance.

For more details on this legislation, please click here.

The information included in this blog post originally appeared in an article from JD Supra on March 26, 2019, written by Allan Bloom and Arielle Kobetz.

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