Scam Alert: Cyber Criminals Want Your W-2’s

The IRS has issued a warning that cyber criminals are posing as executives in order to obtain W-2’s and file fake tax returns. The scam is a repeat of ones seen over the past few years, whereby employees receive an email that appears to come from their employer requesting their W-2 information. Executives should notify employees of the potential threat, and encourage them to question any such requests “received” by a superior.

JD Supra recommends the following steps:

  • Educate employees about the scam so they don’t fall for it
  • Put processes in place to personally verify requests for the personal information of employees through another means other than email
  • Confirm requests face to face or with voice confirmation (pick up the phone!)
  • Encourage a business culture where employees feel enabled and comfortable to challenge executives about odd requests.

For more information this latest scam threat, please click here.