Client Background

Chicago, IL
Engaged OperationsInc:

Handbook Development

Client with a need to formalize their policies and procedures, and centralize them in a readily available Employee Handbook.


Our client recognized the need to establish a more complete Employee Handbook, with the goal of better protecting their business by more completely communicating the policies and procedures of the firm to their employees.


After the existing Handbook was reviewed issues with existing policies were identified and addressed. A list of missing policies was developed and reviewed, with those desired being added to the existing book. A final draft was produced for review by senior management. Final edits were addressed. The handbook was deployed to all management, who then received brief yet critical training prior to its distribution to the employee population.


Employees received a far more complete understanding of the workplace guidelines. The training resulted in much needed attention towards the more complete enforcement of policies within. Lingering issues were forced to the surface and addressed. The placement of an Employee Handbook Receipt in each personnel file addressed the desire to limit future HR related liabilities.