Client Background

Financial Services
Greenwich, CT
Engaged OperationsInc:

HR Outsourcing and HR Assessment

Client with a need to outsource their entire HR function.


Our client, a financial services firm with over $500M in annual revenues and over forty employees and growing, determined that the Human Resources function was not being handled completely or with the necessary levels of expertise to ensure legal compliance, liability limitation, and overall support for the employee population. The job at the time was being handled by a member of their organization whose primary role and expertise was not HR, had become too cumbersome.


Using our proprietary HR Assess methodology, we conducted a full scale HR audit, reviewing all the present infrastructure including employee files, their contents, documents in use, processes in use, other HR vendors and their corresponding performance, and the present makeup of the employee population. Meetings with management followed, seeking their input on the needs, the culture, the issues, and the priorities, all with the goal of serving the success of the business. Thereafter, a foundation for the HR function was reestablished, with compliance and liability limitation as the key focus areas, and simple and easy-to-follow processes were deployed for the HR function. The new HR representative was introduced to the employee population. All new methodologies were clearly communicated. Lastly, OperationsInc managed the HR function going forward.


Our client saw a significant improvement in the HR support provided to their management and staff. There was a marked reduction in non-compliant behavior, and an exponential reduction in liability. The presence of structure and process, without bureaucracy served as a vehicle for both enhanced recruiting and improved retention. The individual who previously was straddled with managing the HR function was left free to handle their core function, without the burden of HR.