Client Background

Financial Services
New York, NY
Engaged OperationsInc:

Payroll Administration

Client with a need to outsource Payroll Administration.


A Financial Services Client contacted us due to a turnover issue in the Payroll/HR position at their organization. They had 100 employees, and it was not cost effective to hire a full time payroll person, and they were able to absorb the HR function internally. Their most recent employee handling Payroll had just quit without any notice, increasing the urgency to find a replacement resource.


Our first step was to immediately gain access to their payroll system, meet with the client, and review all of their current payroll procedures. By implementing simple changes such as changing the flow of information, we were able to streamline the Payroll process, making it easier on the managers and the employees. We introduced audit reports to further increase the accuracy of the Payroll. The client had been having finance approve the payroll, however we moved that function back to the HR department where they were more intimately involved with the process. We reviewed prior payrolls to ensure that they were compliant with tax regulations.


We were able to seamlessly process payrolls for this client without ever having any interaction with the firm’s prior payroll person, and now serve as their outsourced Payroll Department. The client is now free of the payroll function, and does not have to worry about the stress and tension that was continually created by the turnover of their resource in that position.