How to Answer Key Diversity and Inclusion Challenges in a Post-COVID Workplace

Event presented by:

David Lewis

Tye Taylor

CEO of OperationsInc

Lead Diversity & Inclusion Trainer

Among the countless ways the pandemic has changed us in the last year, businesses and HR teams now find themselves faced with greater challenges (and opportunities!) around diversity, equity, and inclusion. For example, while remote work has created more room for companies to actively recruit and hire toward diversity goals, it also hides pitfalls such as pay inequity and division of in-office vs remote staff.

At the same time, the last few years have seen a spike in public awareness and company involvement around discrimination, disrespect, harassment, and hostility, all of which have thrown a spotlight on issues like sexual harassment (MeToo), racial discrimination and treatment (George Floyd/Black Lives Matter) and, most recently, anti-Asian violence and murders. How should employers think about these issues, and what strategies should employers use to respond when these events occur?

In this frank and open live discussion, OperationsInc CEO David Lewis and Lead Diversity and Inclusion Trainer and subject matter expert Tye Taylor will cover:

The common pitfalls and mistakes we see companies make when it comes to DEI initiatives

How to recruit toward diversity goals successfully and fairly and how DEI should emerge in the ZOOM interview cycle

What DEI looks like in an office when someone or most employees are working remotely

What so many women dropping out of the workforce in 2020 means for diversity and how we can reverse the trend

How the narrative of white privilege and white fragility fits into conversations about DEI

Who should be involved with company diversity efforts and how you can get leadership to value DEI

What’s changed when it comes to companies speaking and acting publicly about social injustice and what that means for your organization

Your questions and challenges.


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