Custom Salary Surveys

Leveraging our team of Compensation Experts, along with our extensive network, including 1,600 clients supported, we can develop and execute Custom Salary Surveys, the results of which will provide your firm with the independent and expert data needed to gauge your firm’s compensation strategy against the rest of the market.


The following is an outline of a typical client engagement, whereby OperationsInc will:

  • Work with your team to identify which positions are to be benchmarked against the external current market rate.
  • Craft new job descriptions (if these documents do not currently exist) or update existing job descriptions if documentation is already in place (but does not accurately match the duties performed by employees in that position).
  • Interview individuals in the positions to be benchmarked, or review job descriptions to establish the responsibilities of each role.
  • Record current baseline compensation.
  • Develop a suitable survey designed to gather the required baseline data.
  • Work with the client to develop a list of potential participants, including the creation of the ideal profile of those we want to take the survey.
  • Establish the best means to ensure the highest level of participation, which could include paid incentives and/or the promise of the final report.
  • Develop the survey rollout and marketing plan, which would include contact information collection efforts, as well as the development of marketing materials (electronic and via mail), with the goal of securing the highest chance of communicating our value proposition to the largest number of target recipients.
  • Initiate the marketing plan, with a timeline and agreed upon number of follow up “touches” for optimal participation levels.
  • Format, analyze, and report on collected data, including participant demographics and specifics on the data provided.
  • Compare client’s compensation data to that of the collected data, identifying findings and recommendations.
  • Develop and deploy a summary report for distribution to participants.
  • Work with the client on their planned response to the results.

For more information about OperationsInc’s Custom Salary Surveys, please contact or 800-307-5513.