Sales Incentive Compensation – Basic

Whether your organization has an existing sales compensation strategy in place or needs to craft one, OperationsInc’s Basic Sales Compensation Planning Services puts design tools in reach for all organizations.

Our Basic Sales Compensation Planning Services allow our clients to set compensatory reward levels that encourage sales teams to meet and exceed goals while remaining financially sustainable for the organization.


OperationsInc’s Compensation experts will:

  • Review the structure of your current sales team to understand the roles and responsibilities of each unique team member.
  • Analyze the current sales incentive budget to help control costs.
  • Review and examine your business’s sales goals and critical sales behaviors.
  • Assess present plan (if it exists), including:
    • Compensation levels and components for all sales and sales related personnel.
    • Drivers behind the current plan design, along with specifics on client concerns and issues flagged by the sales team (past and present).
    • Any gaps that exist in the current plan.
  • Research the current market (both industry and geographically driven) using two (2) unique data points.
  • Deliver a detailed written report containing recommendations for updated / new compensation plans, including market data and best practices information.
  • Provide a simple Excel compensation plan modeling tool with overview guidance allowing your firm to grow and develop plans in the future.

For more information about OperationsInc’s Basic Sales Incentive Compensation Services, please contact or 800-307-5513.