Diversity, Sensitivity, & Inclusion Assessments

Measuring the impact of your diversity and inclusion initiatives can ensure that your programs are effective, impactful, and driving the positive results you are seeking.

OperationsInc can provide an expert, third-party review of these programs as well as a comprehensive analysis of the resulting impact on your organization. This assessment will identify areas for enhancement and / or improvement as well as those which have been successful to date.

We will interview key stakeholders and a sample of employees you identify as well as existing policies, programs, and key metrics, compiling the information necessary to conduct the audit. The areas to be reviewed and assessed may include:

  • Company mission statements and any other inward or outward facing language outlining the values of your business.
  • Headcount and employee demographic review, including diversity metrics across teams, role types, and positions of leadership.
  • Histories of reported incidents of harassment and / or discrimination, including company response and outcomes.
  • Discrimination and harassment policies, including identification of any barriers tied to reporting incidents.
  • Recruiting practices and processes, including any formalized diversity hiring initiatives, referral programs, and interview and selection processes.
  • Compensation practices and pay levels throughout the organization to review for equity across populations.
  • Talent development practices, mentoring programs, and succession planning.
  • Company culture, including overall feedback tied to leadership support of mission and value statements, inclusion, and representation.
  • Company programs that promote and celebrate corporate diversity.
  • Employee benefits offered by the organization, including those which support employees of varying backgrounds and circumstance.
  • Imagery and language used in company materials, including marketing properties, corporate websites, and company social media channels.
  • Employee training offered and completed, including participation in Diversity and Sensitivity and / or Sexual Harassment Prevention and Awareness Training.

Our comprehensive report will outline areas identified for improvement and areas of success, and provide recommendations for fixes and next steps.

To learn more about our Diversity, Sensitivity, & Inclusion Assessments, please contact us at info@OperationsInc.com or (800) 307-5513.