Form I-9 Audits & Remediation Services

I-9 forms are critical documents that verify the eligibility for an employee to legally work in the United States. These forms must be properly completed and stored for all employees, regardless of the employer’s headcount. Failure to meet this compliance standard can result in serious penalties and fines.

Our team can help. We can conduct a comprehensive review of your I-9 collection, and storage practices and audit your individual I-9 forms to determine the level of completion and / or confirm the presence of each form. Following the audit, we will also work to address any identified issues.


The audit phase of the project will include brief interviews with client stakeholders to understand current I-9 collection and storage practices, as well as a detailed and thorough review of the client’s I-9 records. Areas to be audited may include:

  •  Version of I-9 form in current use / circulation.
  •  Utilization of E-Verify (where applicable).
  •  Quantities and categories of collected employee documentation.
  •  I-9 presence verification for each current employee.
  •  Storage practices, including location of I-9 forms in conjunction with other employee documents.
  •  Missing information, including signatures and form content.

We will document and present our findings and provide an outline for suggestions for next steps for remediation.


As compliance and best practices breaches are identified, we will move forward at your direction to resolve these issues, which may include:

  • Creation of a standalone binder to compliantly store I-9 forms.
  • Distribution of employee communications indicating what is needed to correct their individual I-9 form (i.e. filling out additional information, providing documentation, etc.).
  • Collection and storage of updated / corrected I-9 forms.
  • Rollout of an updated version of Form I-9 to replace expired versions.
  • Creation of standardized memos to be contained within your I-9 binder to document when corrections were made.

For those employees who continue to be outside I-9 form compliance standards because they have not provided the required / requested documentation, we will provide an action plan.

For more information about our I-9 Form Audit and Remediation Services, contact us at or (800) 307-5513.