HR Audit Solutions for Your New York-based Business

An internal HR Audit will help your New York-based business ensure that it is in compliance with Federal and New York State law, averting headaches down the road.

OperationsInc’s extensive suite of HR Audit Solutions will analyze department processes and procedures enabling you to see where your firm aligns with employment laws, and putting you in a position to make well-informed decisions on behalf of your firm and your workforce. Our team will take stock of where your HR function is currently, make recommendations based on key findings, and guide you every step of the way in implementing changes.

Talent Retention Audits: A complete checkup and review of your firm’s strategies from on-boarding through the employee lifecycle, with the goal of reducing employee turnover and the costs associated with losing employees.

HR Audits via HR Assess: Using HR Assess we will inspect your current infrastructure and methods, identify gaps in compliance and best practices, and provide advice and direction allowing your firm to successfully move forward into the future.

FLSA Audit: Our team will conduct an internal appraisal to alert you to any changes that may need to be made to ensure you are in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), potentially saving your thousands of dollars in fines and back wages.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s HR Audit solutions, contact us at, or call us at (800) 307-5513.

Our presence in NY is statewide, with resources in place currently serving Westchester County, Rockland County, NYC (including all 5 boroughs), Putnam County, and all of Long Island.


OperationsInc also serves clients in all 50 states.