Human Resources Compliance and Best Practices Assessments

An HR Assessment can provide you with the insight you need to ensure your human resources function is complete, efficient, and meeting or exceeding compliance standards. The information you learn from such a review can identify gaps and areas for improvement related to your processes, policies, and overall HR practices.

Our team has conducted hundreds of HR Assessments for organizations of all sizes, industry, and geographic location. We offer three tiers of this assessment, each of varying depth and scope.


  • New hire on-boarding processes, including checklists, pre-hire testing and background checks practices, and offer letters review.
  • Recruiting strategies and practices, including employee referral programs, ATS usage, and employment application compliance.
  • I-9 Form completion, verification, and storage practices.
  • Employee file and documentation usage and storage.
  • Employee Handbook and policy review, including a review of individual policies for completeness.
  • Labor law poster utilization.
  • Employee relations practices.
  • Employee training strategies and programming.
  • Job description content, status, and recordkeeping.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) compliance review, including company practices tied to exempt and non-exempt classifications, timekeeping practices, and high-level organization / job position review.
  • Payroll practice review, including pay frequencies and technology review (payroll, HRIS, etc.).
  • Compensation structure and salary benchmarking practices.
  • Performance management processes.
  • Employee leave administration and management practices.
  • Employee benefits offered, employee eligibility, cost sharing, broker relationships, etc.
  • Employee termination and off-boarding processes.
    • Termination process and checklist review.
    • Resignation letter collection process and recordkeeping.
    • Federal, state, and local compliance standard review.
    • Exit interview practices.

Upon completion of the project, we will provide both a verbal presentation and a fully customized report (style determined by the tier level selected) outlining the findings from each category reviewed during the assessment period and recommended fixes.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Human Resources Assessment Services, please contact us at or call 800-307-5513.