Exit Interview Services

OperationsInc offers Exit Interview Services, which enable organizations to more accurately and confidentially measure why its employees are leaving.


  • OperationsInc will work with you to identify the exact methodology for collecting and reporting your Exit Interview data.
  • The interviews are performed via telephone by our seasoned HR Professionals.
  • Questions are customized to target specific challenges and /or problem areas your organization may have previously encountered.
  • The format of the questions can include a combination of open-ended questions, ranking / rating system, multiple choice, or any format in accordance with your specifications.
  • Interview questions typically focus on the employee and his / her reason for leaving, satisfaction on several aspects of the organization and any changes he /she would make in the organization.
  • Completed Exit Interview Questionnaires will be delivered to the client within 24 – 48 hours of the interview. Aggregated reports and trend analysis can be completed monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • Data reporting is customized to meet your needs, including singular reports, aggregation of data collected, trend analysis, departmental / divisional tracking, etc. We will also include our recommendations based on these findings.

Additional benefits of OperationsInc’s Exit Interview Services include:

  • Saving your company time by outsourcing this function
  • Gaining deeper insight from departing employees, as they tend to be more open with their feedback when speaking with a non-partisan, third party HR professional
  • Understanding the drivers of turnover, allowing you to focus retention efforts
  • Identifying problem areas before they have a further impact on the company’s success

Learn more about OperationsInc’s Exit Interview Services by contacting us at info@OperationsInc.com or 800-307-5513.