Multigenerational Workplace Assessment & Consultation

OperationsInc’s team of Organizational Development experts provide a professional, non-biased, third party review of your firm’s multigenerational challenges and current environment.

We also provide actionable steps to increase engagement across all generations represented in today’s workplace, enabling employees to work more cohesively and productively together.

During your Assessment and Consultation, OperationsInc will:

  • Review your current challenges in detail, including your firm’s specific goals and objectives.
  • Match your firm (and its culture) with a selected member of our Organizational Development team, who will conduct your generational assessment.
  • Gather, review, and analyze key demographic data pertaining to your employee population, including age, gender, and tenure.
  • Analyze benefit offerings, programs, and initiatives specifically relating to employee engagement, development, and recruiting.
  • Review organizational charts, career paths, and seating layouts to identify barriers and opportunities to enhance collaboration across generations.
  • Interview Leadership to gain insights into management’s perspective on workplace demographics and the issues being faced, exploring all possible avenues to address them with the goal of finding acceptable paths and outcomes.
  • Conduct interviews with other select team members, as collaboratively identified, to learn about their experiences, perspectives, and perceptions.

A comprehensive findings report will be provided based on the data and feedback collected throughout the assessment phase, which will include:

  • A detailed overview of the organization’s current environment for each generation.
  • Areas of common ground and agreement, as well as areas where company culture and style clash.
  • A series of recommendations to then be reviewed and actively discussed with the goal of finding a path that will meet the needs of the firm while satisfying those impacted parties.

Recommended next steps may include any combination of the following:

  • Customized Workshop Training for Management (and possibly Staff)
  • Facilitated Small Group Discussions
  • Teambuilding Exercises and Programs
  • Social / Culture Building Events
  • Mentoring / Buddy Programs

Learn more about our customizable Multigenerational Workforce training HERE.

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