Company Culture & Employee Engagement

A strong company culture and high employee engagement are two major contributing factors in an organization’s ability to meet company goals and attract and retain top talent.

Our Organizational Development team can assess the current behaviors and attitudes of your team, measure the overall workplace climate, and put the appropriate measures in place to improve engagement in your organization and the company culture as a whole.


We can survey your team to assess employee engagement and gather valuable feedback from your team. We will tabulate and communicate results, facilitate group feedback sessions, and lead an action-planning process.


Our team can work with your key stakeholders to develop and / or enhance your internal communications strategy in alignment with company values and goals, and that underscores and introduces key ideas.

This sort of exercise can prove invaluable in preparing an organization for change far in advance of any formal announcement. Implementation would include formal communications (newsletters, emails, etc.) as well as “small-c communications” that also meet these goals.


In the realm of organizational safety and health, we can identify existing and potential psychosocial hazards such as workplace violence, stress, lack of motivation, and burnout, and offer recommendations to decrease these hazards and increase the overall health of your organization.

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