Team Development

Team development is key to any organization.

OperationsInc’s Team Development services will help facilitate better communication, motivate employees, develop problem-solving skills, and educate the team on how to work together to obtain results.


OperationsInc will help guide your group through the problem solving cycle. We will assist in identifying key issues, gather information from team members to identify the best solutions, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address and resolve the issue(s) plaguing your organization.


We will design and facilitate corporate meetings and retreats to bring together key members of your team with the end goal of getting everyone on the same page and increasing teamwork and optimism. We will assist in planning agendas, keep discussions on topic, and will also ensure that all conversations are productive and working towards effectively creating a shared vision among participants and teammates.


Our team of OD experts will administer and provide feedback on personality assessments including DiSC, 360 Competency Assessment, and MBTI. These tests can be critical in uncovering the best and most effective methods for team members to interact with one another.


OperationsInc provides team leader coaching to drive productivity and produce results. We will conduct DiSC assessments for each team member, and facilitate group sessions to analyze test results, discuss implications for working effectively with team members with various styles, etc., and utilize tools such as the GRPI model and chartering. We help your team develop the skills to work more cohesively and effectively together.

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