Outplacement Services

If your business is experiencing unexpected layoffs tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can provide your transitioning employees with the extra support they need during this difficult and uncertain time.

Our one-on-one outplacement services provide both career coaching and counseling to displaced employees, enabling them to successfully launch and execute their new job search. The training and guidance provided is customized to meet the specific support needs of the individual, but is driven by the budgetary demands of your business.

We will work directly with the exiting employee to develop and execute an education and action plan that supports their career goals while addressing their individual needs within the budgeted timeframe.

Participants will be able to select a customized package of support, choosing from the following areas:

  • Job search strategy development, including establishing career objectives and formulating a search plan.
  • Resume and cover letter development, including formatting and content.
  • Skills assessments which can identify accomplishments, strengths, and gaps in competencies.
  • Networking strategies, including in-person and digital approaches.
  • LinkedIn profile development and network building.
  • Interview skills training, including preparing for phone, video chat, or in-person screenings.
  • Creating company “targets”, identifying organizations for which the participant hopes to work.
  • Tips and approaches for working with agencies and headhunters.
  • Job board utilization and tactics to increase chances of getting “in the door”.
  • Communications, including outreach and follow-up etiquette.

For more information about our Outplacement Services, please contact us at info@OperationsInc.com or (800) 307-5513.

Should your team require guidance or support planning or executing a reduction in force, please click HERE.