Remote Work Team Assessments & Optimization Services

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has created an environment where remote work programs will continue to play a critical role in any business continuity strategy. Our Remote Work Team Assessments are designed to optimize your organization’s remote work program to improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall company output.


Through a combination of client interviews, employee surveys, policy review, and corporate reporting and metrics, our team will collect the information necessary to review and assess the following areas:

  • Overall organizational make up, including employee profiles, role types, demographics, and team interactions.
  • Past and current corporate policies tied to remote work.
  • Success levels of current and pre-COVID-19 telecommuting programs.
  • Relevant pre-COVID-19 in-office processes, procedures, and cultural norms, including business transaction methodologies, interactions with external clients and vendors, and collaborative interactions with internal teams.
  • Remote work challenges at both the company-wide and individual employee levels.
  • Emerging trends which indicate that remote work issues may be tied to specific role types or divisional areas (i.e. nature of work or managerial commonalities).
  • Employee sentiment and satisfaction levels surrounding remote work (collected via employee survey and self-assessments).
  • Other relevant areas as deemed necessary through the course of the intake.

Upon review of all collected data and information, our team will deliver a comprehensive report which will include:

  • Identification of areas of common issue or concern reported by employees and managers.
  • Findings tied to specific managers and employees who are failing to find success with remote work and answers as to why this may be occurring.
  • Resulting guidance and recommendations based on the assessment’s findings, which may include recommended:
    • Changes to remote work policy and program design.
    • Tools and technologies, including checklists which will be provided by our team.
    • Coaching and training for management and / or staff.
    • Improvements to work setups and conditions.

For more information about OperationsInc’s Remote Work Team Assessments and Optimization Services, please contact us at or 800-307-5513.