Return to Office – Assessments, Planning, & Strategic Guidance

As businesses move to reopen their offices after COVID-19 related closures, many organizations are unsure of the most effective and safest ways to return employees to an office environment.

Let us help you map the best plan possible for reopening your workplace. Our team will become part of your organization’s reopening task force, conducting a full review of your entire organizational and operational setup to help you create the safest and strongest approach to reopening your offices.

This review will be done in concert with specific state requirements and guidelines, and will identify any issues and areas of concern. This assessment and the resulting reopening plan are designed to instill confidence from both leadership and employees that the offices are made as safe as possible for workers to return.

Areas to be reviewed and assessed may include:

  • Operational structures and setups, including:
    • Organizational charts.
    • Employee roles and responsibilities.
    • Divisional makeup and team members, including non-redundant roles.
    • Locations where work was performed pre-COVID-19.
    • Employee surveys to measure levels of employee concern about returning to the workplace and possible limitations on their ability to come back to an office environment.
    • Office layouts and seating plans, including:
      • Overall floor plans, including seating assignments, workstation spacing, and commonly used aisleways.
      • Shared workspaces, including hoteling stations and conference and meeting rooms.
      • Kitchen / pantry setup and its use.
      • Shared equipment usage, including printers, copiers, etc.
      • Building access points and interior and exterior suite access doors.
      • Shared and private restrooms.
      • Any other commonly used and shared spaces.
    • State specific requirements and guidelines unique to office location(s).
    • Hygiene product accessibility (i.e. hand sanitizer dispensers, disinfectant wipes, etc.).
    • Visitor activity and protocols.

Upon completion of the initial intake and return to work assessment, our team will work with you to develop a proposed plan for reopening your workplace, including:

  • Proposed floor plan outlining new seating charts that meet social distancing guidelines.
  • Development of a staggered in-office team approach designed to limit density and address business continuity. This may include:
    • Draft of the makeup of each team.
    • Proposed schedules for on-site presence.
  • Detailed risk assessment identifying areas of caution associated with an office reopening and indicating where the presence of COVID-19 and possible spread may still be a concern.
  • Listing of all recommended PPE to increase the safety of employees and visitors, as well as outline of CDC cleaning protocols.
  • Proposed plans for kitchen / pantry access, including steps to more safely manage access to food, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Development of policies tied to new office standards, employee health monitoring, remote work, employee leaves, and protocols surrounding team member COVID-19 diagnoses.
  • Building Management / Landlord safety checklists.
  • Recommendations surrounding posting of employee notices surrounding hygiene, self-monitoring for symptoms, etc.

We are here to help. For more information about our Office Reopening Assessments & Strategic Guidance Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-5513.

This service can also be paired with a customized training session for you and your employees. Please visit our Return to Office – Workplace Health & Safety Training page for more information.

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