Termination Services

Terminating an employee can represent varying levels of liability for any organization. Each action you take from decision to communication represents opportunities for mistakes to occur, and missteps could lead to business disruption, additional costs, and possible lawsuits.

Our team can provide you with expert guidance to help you plan and execute this critical but delicate task while also managing liability.



When terminating an individual employee for performance issues or any other reason, our team will help you navigate the process from start to finish, including:

  • Review of the circumstances that have led you to determine an employee termination is necessary.
  • Identification of any possible concerns and issues, helping determine next steps to address your goals while also limiting your company’s exposure.
  • Guidance through the development of liability limiting paperwork, such as performance management and work product.
  • Development of the termination paperwork / packet (or augmenting / critiquing existing materials), including a termination letter, COBRA information, and unemployment documents.
  • Process and checklist development identifying each step in the process, including ownership and roles.
  • Creation of talking points and scripts to be used during the termination meeting.

Should you need to lay off multiple employees as part of a broader Reduction in Force, our team can also help you plan and execute this process.

We are also available as needed to assist and execute all administrative steps related to termination of employment, including COBRA and other benefits issues.

To learn more about OperationsInc’s Termination Services, contact us at info@OperationsInc.com or 800-307-5513.