The Top Ten Issues Discovered During an I-9 Audit

The team of HR Experts at OperationsInc has conducted hundreds of I-9 Audits for clients over the years. Our goal is to review these critical and required documents to ensure they are in order and in compliance with standards put forth by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Here are the Top Ten Issues we have discovered during these audits:

The form being used is not the most up to date version.

The Department of Homeland Security has updated this form several times and requires the latest form be used.

The employer has failed to complete their section of the form.

The form contains places for dates, name of signer, and a signature from the company representative collecting the form.

The employer has failed to include the employee’s start date on the form.

All information, including the employee’s start date, is required.

The information collected from the employee is not recorded in detail as required on the form.

The form requires complete and correct data.

The I-9 form is left in the employee file.

These documents should be kept together in a separate file or book, not in the employee file itself.

The wrong combination of documentation has been collected.

There is a specific list of what is acceptable documentation listed as part of the form instructions.

The form in use is older and possesses a list of required documents that have since been updated and are no longer valid.

Expired US Passports, for example, were acceptable forms of documentation before, but are no longer valid.

There are no forms present for some employees.

I-9 forms are required for all members of staff, no matter what level.

Forms collected reference visas that have since expired.

It is the employer’s responsibility to track this, and as needed to secure updated documentation in order to continue to legally employ someone on a visa.

I-9 forms for those who are former employees have been discarded.

These need to be retained for at least one year following termination.

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