Top Ten Tips – HR Best Practices

The team of HR Experts at OperationsInc contains some of the area’s top talent, with members of our team possessing over 25 years of experience in HR. That experience translates to justifying our place as subject matter experts in the field of HR.

Here are our Top Ten Tips – HR Best Practices:

Issue all employees a complete and current Employee Handbook,

and be sure to secure a receipt from each employee. Further, update your book annually at a minimum, and get new receipts for each new release.

Provide all new hires with a Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement

prepared by experienced employment legal counsel. Ensure that this document is regularly reviewed and updated, distributing the newest version annually for signature by all current and future employees.

Train your managers on how to administer your policies

and get their commitment to run any issues / incidents / questions through the HR owner. Consistency in practice is key, with the only practical way to do this tied to one owner / overseer.

Be consistent wherever possible.

The more exceptions you make, the less defensible you are as an employer.

Document in writing, not in memory.

Written notes are ten times more effective in defending your firm in HR related decisions and issues vs relying on just what one can recall or what one witnessed.

Stay educated on employment law / compliance issues, both Federal and State.

These laws change constantly, putting you and your firm in a vulnerable state if you fail to keep up.

Make sure your HR Rep is properly trained.

Be sure this is the case for record keeping, I-9 form completion, and FLSA laws at a minimum. Train yourself and all hiring managers on how to effectively interview new hire candidates. The successful execution of this effort directly correlates to the success of you and your employee.

Keep good records.

Aside from the legal requirements tied to recordkeeping (Federal and State), you will make better decisions and manage liability more effectively when paperwork is complete and in good order. Maintain employee files in accordance with state and federal laws, including HIPAA, and audit them at least once every year.

Use attorneys for all new contractual documentation vs. copying / editing old documents.

The laws and best practices change, as do the facts regarding each case. It’s expensive… but worth every penny.

There is no such thing as a “little harassment incident”.

Take any you hear of see seriously, and professionally investigate.

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