OperationsInc HR Focused Flash Survey Results

Key Trends & Takeaways

OperationsInc provides HR, Training, Talent Acquisition, and Payroll support to a diverse base of over 1,600 clients, providing us with a unique perspective and opportunity to gather data from businesses of all sizes and across all industries.

In an effort to educate our clients on emerging trends and best practices, as well as to enable survey respondents to benchmark themselves against other businesses, OperationsInc conducts brief flash surveys on a variety of topics across the HR spectrum by tapping into our database of over 5,000 subscribers.

Below are the key results and takeaways from each of our flash surveys in our 2017 and 2018 series.


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Dates indicate when surveys were administered. 

February 2018 Employee Training & Development Planning 2018
Learn what training opportunities participating firms plan to offer their managers and employees in 2018, and how these plans have changed over the last year.

December 2017 PTO, Compensation, and Benefits
Discover how companies plan to handle the 2018 holiday calendar, when organizations renew medical benefits, and what medical premium and salary increases are anticipated for 2018.

October 2017 Retirement Savings Plans
Explore how many participating companies offer Employer-sponsored retirement plans, how many employees enroll in them, and what types of plans are offered.

September 2017 Employee Communications
Find out what types of employee communications participating firms engage in, how often they communicate with employees, and who is responsible for creating content.

August 2017 Talent Acquisition
Review the obstacles participating companies face to hiring talent, the importance of certain qualifications, and hiring plans for the remainder of 2017.

July 2017 Job Descriptions
Understand what purposes businesses use Job Descriptions for and how often these documents are updated.

July 2017 Performance Reviews
See how often companies conduct formal performance reviews, what components are included, and if training on how to conduct these reviews is provided for management.

June 2017 Diversity/Sensitivity Issues in the Workplace
Review if companies have seen an increase in diversity / sensitivity related issues in the last 18 months, and what types of issues have become more frequent.

May 2017 Employee “Perks”
Discover the “fringe” benefits companies offer, broken down by company size and benefit provided.

May 2017 Internship Programs
Examine how companies compensate interns, what time of year interns are engaged, and how likely businesses are to hire interns as full-time employees.

April 2017 Payroll
Explore how long businesses reported it takes to process payroll, and where organizationally payroll is housed.

March 2017 Employee Handbooks
Learn how many pages are in the handbooks of the firms surveyed, and how frequently the represented companies train their managers on policies.

February 2017 Recruiting and Sourcing Practices 2017
Review the different approaches and tools participating companies use to source candidates, including employee referrals.

December 2016 Training Offerings and Plans for 2017
Find out what training opportunities participating firms offer their managers and employees, and how often they plan to offer training in 2017.


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