Survey Says Employers Are Ready to Reopen Offices, but Recognize Challenges Lay Ahead


Office Normalcy Not Expected Anytime Soon

Norwalk, CT. [May 20, 2020] States across the nation are lifting stay at home orders and allowing offices to reopen their doors. But are employers ready to bring their employees back to an office environment?

OperationsInc (, one of the largest human resources consulting firms in the nation, recently conducted an independent survey which found that two-thirds of employers plan to reopen their offices on or before July 1, provided they are allowed to do so.

However, the polling results from more than 425 businesses across the country show that employers foresee many obstacles tied to reopening, bringing employees back, and keeping offices safe.

David Lewis, CEO of OperationsInc, says that employers appear to be proceeding with caution, recognizing that businesses do not expect an immediate return to office normalcy.

“In looking thoughtfully at the results of our survey, the overall theme is a recognition amongst employers that returning to the office is going to present a multitude of challenges,” Lewis said. “It is clear that most businesses intend to offer employees some level of remote flexibility.”

“There are numerous safety issues to overcome, and survey respondents recognize this. Organizations worry about how they are going to secure and pay for the appropriate PPE and cleaning materials they need, and how safe of an environment they will be able to maintain,” Lewis added.

“All in all a return to normal is not the focus. A slow move to use the office in some capacity is a better description.”

Lewis also noted the financial hit employers will feel when reopening, and most have felt since closing.

“There are a number of financial factors that will take their toll, including the cost of reopening and maintaining a safe workplace. This amounts to additional budget line items companies didn’t plan for and will struggle to absorb,” Lewis explained.