Payroll Project Management

Tackling a payroll project can be extremely challenging when combined with a regular payroll workload. Our team can fully manage and execute any payroll project on behalf of your organization, working directly with technology vendors and / or your internal teams as appropriate.


This full-service, white glove support could include:

  • Working closely with your teams to identify project scopes and goals.
  • Creation of a comprehensive project plan identifying interim deadlines and deliverable dates.
  • Liaison support between vendor(s) and your internal teams.
  • Ongoing check-ins to ensure the project remains on track and will close before deadline.


Our team has experience completing hundreds of different projects for clients of different sizes, geographic location, and industry. Examples of the types of projects our team can complete on your behalf include:

  • Technology implementations.
  • Payroll and HRIS technology optimizations and audits.
  • Payroll procedural assessments.
  • State tax registrations.
  • Payroll tax audits.
  • Data transfers.
  • Dual maintenance.
  • Data extractions and validations.
  • ACA reporting.
  • Year-end management.
  • Vendor identification.

For more information about our Payroll Project Management Services, please contact us at or (800) 307-55 13.